About Voyager Debt Solutions

Voyager Debt Solutions is a well-established company specializing in debt collections, trusted debt experts and debt professionals.  Voyager Debt Solutions was registered in January 2000.

The member of the company, Antoinette Vorster has over 30 years’ experience in this field. We are registered members of the Council for Debt Collectors of South Africa and in terms of Act No 114 of 1998.  We strongly abide by all relevant laws and regulations, ethics and code of conduct.  We have a highly specialized infrastructure with our own specialized debt collection program, which we utilize in the management of your bad debt.

Our mission is to find a resolution to the client’s bad debt situation in an effective and efficient manner, whilst at the same time keep a good relationship with the debtor.

 We have moved to Kwazulu Natal and currently still have Gauteng customers active on our books.  They have been with the company since we started operating with business in 2000.


We Provide the Following Services

  • Collecting of Bad Debt
  • Listing and delisting of default debtors (Blacklisting)
  • Tracing of absconded individuals
  • Dishonored cheques or debit orders
  • Company search
  • Cipro report – VAT & Tax No
  • Company reports
  • Credit Referencing for new potential debtors
  • Updating credit applications – this is becoming a big problem to clients. With the new National Credit Act (NCA) that came in effect from 1 June 2007 your application form should be amended to cover you in future.  Feel free to contact us to assist you to get yourself safeguarded
  • Deeds Search – Spider search on ERF, Farm/Agricultural
  • Property Valuation report
  • Bank services on normal bank code and full and general code
  • Register of new companies
  • Verify Services : number plate, driver’s license enquiry, criminal record, Matric verification, Vehicle asset search
  • Death Certificates/ Birth Certificates

Get In Touch

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Contact Details

Antoinette Vorster



Service to Clients

Regular progress reports

We work via emails, Skype and video call

We will provide you with free legal advice about any matter pertaining to your business, accounts and current legislation

Monies collected by Voyager Debt Solutions will be deposited directly into your bank account before the 7th of each month

Different Fees

Successful trace – R350.00
Unsuccessful trace – 200.00
Updating your credit application – R1500.00
Company Search / Reference check & Bank Code – R650.00
Letter of demand – R350.00 – (this is to demand payment within a certain period where payment will be done directly into your bank account – no commission involved)

Debt Collection

Collection fee – 30%
This fee is negotiable depending on the volume of business handed over.
Admin fee – R550.00
This fee will be for your account should we not be successful in collecting the debt. This fee will cover all expenses incurred during the collection process.
Legal Fees – Unsuccessful Collections
All legal expenses will be for your account should we not be successful in collecting the debt.
Withdraw Fee – R1200.00 + Costs up to date

Above Fees excluding VAT

It is not our policy to bill a client fees as it is not profitable, but in the event this does happen you can be assured that we did our utmost.

Our Basic Procedures

First we establish contact with the debtor and demand immediate payment or Acknowledgement of Debt on arrangement.

An account will not be held for more than 180 days unless there is a payment plan, settlement of legal action.

Accounts close on the 25th of each month and payment will follow before the 7th of the following month.

Contracted out legal action will not be instituted without your explicit written authorization, cost of which will be for your account.

In the event where we have defended matters, it is possible that an upfront deposit will be required.

Where there is a large volume of legal work, it is possible that an upfront deposit will be required, but will be refunded once payment from debtor is received.

Any special requests that are needed will be fulfilled to the best of our ability.

Terms and Conditions

Services provided by Voyager Debt Solutions are subject to our regular rate schedule, which may be amended from time to time by ourselves.

  1. Commissions and payments due to Voyager Debt Solutions will be deducted directly from your statement before payment is made to you.
  2. The Creditor has the right to withdraw an account at any time.  We reserve the right to charge a full administration fee for any account that is withdrawn as previously discussed.  If attorney involvement was initiated, the attorney may assess an additional fee.
  3. The Creditor authorizes Voyager Debt Solutions, if necessary to forward accounts on Creditor’s behalf, to attorneys for collection.  On those accounts the attorneys are the agents of the Creditor and subject at all times to the Creditor’s direction and control. We will not be responsible for any acts or omissions of such attorneys.
  4. We will work in collaboration with your offices with regards to payments made directly to you.
  5. Once an account is handed over to us, the Creditor loses his right to make arrangements or accept payments from the Debtor without consulting with us first.
  6. In the event where your office receives a payment, we must be notified at once.
  7. If you accept payment, you will have to ensure that our costs are added into the settlement amount. If not, you will be liable for all costs incurred at that stage.


Cancellation of Contract

In the event of you wishing to terminate your services with Voyager Debt Solutions, a two-month notice is required. This will give us ample time to finalise the necessary to be done by our office, before handing all accounts back to you. In the event of you wanting to make use of our services, kindly complete the last page and fax back to us. We would like to offer you our services, as we understand the problems related to running a productive business and would like to relieve you of the task of pursuing money owed to you. We have a 100% success rate for most of our clients.  We are so confident of our ability to solve your overdue account problems that we offer the following, incredible terms:

No payment upfront

No collection – only a small admin fee is payable (excluding legal matters if unsuccessful)

First payment should reach you within 30days after accounts have been handed over

Please contact myself for an appointment to discuss your bad debt and how we at Voyager Debt Solutions can solve your problems and be of service to you. With today’s modern technology, everything is done via emails, Skype, and video calls. We are just a phone call away if you need assistance in your reluctant or absconding debtors.